Frequently Asked Questions

I see a lot of apartments I am interested in, now what do I do?

The simplest thing to do is call the office and ask to make an appointment to see the unit. During that time you can get additional information, fill out an application (if you haven't done so already online) and if all goes well and you like the unit, schedule an appointment to sign a lease.

When can I sign a lease, what do I have to bring and what is due at lease signing?
Once you have completed the housing application and viewed the unit you may sign the lease. Before signing you will need the following.

  • Security Deposit, which is equal to one month's rent
  • Application and processing fee - $40.00
  • Photo ID

That's It!

Can I reserve an apartment?
We do not take a deposit to "Hold" an apartment for you. We lease on a first come first served basis. By turning in a completed application you effectively put yourself in line for the unit. Since we move quickly through the process leading up to lease signing you should get the apartment you want simply by submitting a completed application as soon as you select the unit.

What does joint and several mean?
In short, all parties listed on the lease are equally responsible for the lease and any charges incurred during the lease term. If there is damage to the unit everyone will be billed equally for the repairs. Any unpaid utility bill(s) will also be deducted equally from all tenants.

What is a guarantor statement?
A guarantor statement is an agreement between TSI Housing and another financially responsible person (typically a parent or guardian) who agrees that should you not pay your rent or other charges associated with your lease then they will. We require a guarantor statement from all tenants unless the twelve-month lease is paid for in advance, which will receive you a 5% discount.

How long is the lease term?
All of our leases cover a twelve month period (June to June, July to July, August to August).

What do I need to do before I move in?
To make your move in go as smoothly as possible we recommend the following.

  • Call and make a check-in appointment with us.
  • Call any applicable utility providers to insure you have service BEFORE YOU ARRIVE!  The month prior to your lease start date we will send your first account statement to your home address. Included will be a welcome letter and a list of all utility providers including their telephone numbers.
  • First and last months' rent is due on or before the first day of your lease. This must be paid prior to "checking in". You may bring your first and last months' rent with you, but if you are sharing an apartment be sure that everyone else has paid if you are first to move in.  Also, all guarantor statements must be receive by the Office prior to "checking in."

What if I have a problem?
While we strive to make your housing experience an uneventful one, occasionally problems do arise. WE ARE HERE TO HELP! The best way to resolve a problem is through communication. Often even the most difficult issues can be worked out quickly and to everyone's satisfaction as long as the lines of communication remain open and professional. In the event of a maintenance problem after our office has closed we provide a 24 hour, after-hour service person. If it is an administrative problem we will be happy to help during normal office hours.

Can I sublease or add someone to my lease?
Yes, prior to allowing anyone to take possession of your apartment you must do the following

  • Have your sublessor complete a housing application and submit it to the office.
  • Make an appointment in the office for the subleassor to sign-on.
  • All tenants and subleassor(s) must attend the appointment

We take these steps to ensure anyone who is occupying the apartment is supposed to be there. In the event of a lock-out or service request we will only un-lock or take requests from people signed onto the lease.

Will I get my security deposit back at the end of the lease?
Provided you do not have any outstanding charges on your account and there is no damage to the unit, beyond normal wear and tear, you can expect to receive your entire deposit back. Your deposit will be mailed to you within 30 days of the end of your lease.

Can I have a pet?
We do not accept cats and dogs. Fish in small aquariums or anything that lives in a small aquarium or cage is allowed. If you have a specific question about a pet please call the office.